Co-Founder Wanted for CieCie: Sustainable Maternity Wear That Grows and Shrinks With You.

03 Dec, 2021
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Position: Co-Founder

Name of the foundation project: CieCie

Founding team: Caecilia Pohl

Branch: Fashion

Location: Berlin, Germany

About the founding project: CieCie offers sustainable maternity wear that grows and shrinks with you. The clothes have hidden features that make breastfeeding easy and are made to fit long term. Through a B2C model, we can provide affordable, high quality products. Our vision is to empower women to feel comfortable and confident in their bodies during pregnancy, post-partum and long after.

Phase of the founding project: I've conducted interviews with potential customers, developed MVPs, and organized a product shoot. I'm currently collecting more feedback, while finalizing the business plan and working on a landing page.

About the founding team: I've been working in sustainable fashion for the past five years, building a concept store for women and men’s clothes and accessories in Berlin Kreuzberg (Moeon). Working for Moeon and during my own pregnancy I realized that it is almost impossible to get contemporary, sustainable maternity wear. As I’m a fashion designer, I decided that I wanted to change that and offer something fresh to future mamas, as well as challenge the existing picture of motherhood. Social responsibility is very important for me, this is why I want to donate 10% of the profits to NGOs that help mums in difficult situations and have CO2 neutrality as a long term goal for the company.

About the work style: I work in a structured and reliable manner. I like getting things done and usually prefer to work towards the big picture rather than get caught up in the details. Thinking outside the box, going unpaved roads and questioning the status quo is important to me. I am ambitious and empathetic. In addition, appreciative communication and honesty are important to me.

Labor Relations Values: Reliability, Empathy, Honesty, Success

About the position:

Position: Co-Founder, Mentor, Investor


Time Commitment: Part time

Tasks and Areas: Developing and executing the marketing strategy (content production, payed social, cross marketing, influencer marketing)

Skills and Experience: Ideally 2 years or more experience in online marketing- if you don't have that, high interest in getting into it and educational background

What we offer: Shares, Salary


Caecilia Pohl | | +4917620213416






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