The Global Perspective: The Rise of Women in STEM

02 Jun, 2021

SAP and FemaleOneZero are launching a series exploring the rise of women in tech around the world. This first panel discussion focuses on the MENA region. According to UNESCO, 34-57 percent of STEM graduates in Arab countries are women – a figure much higher than that seen in universities across the US or Europe. Why is it that women in the MENA region are so much better represented in STEM compared to the West, where their number remains more or less at 20 percent?
Watch our live talk from May 26th


  • Hoda Mansour, Managing Director of SAP Egypt & New Frontiers South
  • Dr. Anoud Ibrahim Bani-Hani (EngD), Professor at the Zayed University UAE & Chair of the Research Ethics Committee
  • Dr. Heba Aguib, Chief Executive RESPOND at BMW Group Foundation Herbert Quandt

Opening note: Christine Regitz, Head of SAP Women In Tech

Moderation: Natascha Zeljko, Co/Founder and Editor-In-Chief of CURAZE/FemaleOneZero


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